Dr. Oz’s Green Drink and A New Juicer!

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Hi dear friends!  I wanted to share this terrific little drink with you today.  It is called Dr. Oz’s green drink.  Dr. Oz talks about his green drink often and all of it’s wonderful health benefits.  He recommends that we drink it daily and when you consider what all is in it you will understand why.  It offers many antioxidant properties and even though it is green, I promise it really is fresh and sweet and just plain right!  As a matter of fact, Oprah calls it “fresh in a glass”!

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I received this great little juicer from my sweet sister Sherry.  She knew I was envious of all the juicing she has been doing lately.  Thank you so much Sherry!  You are always so thoughtful and kind!  Along with the juicer, she also shared a website that holds many different juicing recipes.  You can find recipes for anything from weight loss, to arthritis, to sinus congestion.  The latter is what I was searching for today when I awakened with a headache from my sinus congestion.  You can find the site here.



2 apples

3 stalks celery

1 cucumber

1/2 thumb ginger

1/2 lemon

1/2 lime

1 bunch parsley

2 cup spinach

Put all items in juicer and juice!  My particular juicer doesn’t allow the rind of the lemon and lime, although Dr. Oz’s recipe includes it.  I used a microplane and zested it into my drink to get some of the benefit of the rind.


14 thoughts on “Dr. Oz’s Green Drink and A New Juicer!

  1. Sounds really healthy! Just curious what the taste was like, did it taste very “veg”? Noticed you didn’t add any form of honey/ agave syrup or other forms of sweetener.

    1. Thank you! No, it doesn’t taste like vegetables, the two apples add the perfect amount sweetness. There are other drinks on the mentioned website that are vegetable juice only and some that are much sweeter also. I have made another one very similar to Dr Oz’s green drink that had pineapple in it that made it a lot sweeter. I hope this helps!

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