Kiwi Pops

I have to give a big thank you to Tina over at Mindsome.  When she saw my post on Banana “Ice Cream”, she sent me a link to these great little kiwi pops that she reblogged from Natural Femina.  How wonderful are these? 

 I just love things like this that are adorably cute, healthy, and so tasty!  An all around winner!

And did I mention that they are just plain fun?  Fun to make and fun to eat!

I love food-on-a-stick, in fact, I love it so much it has it’s own category here on my little blog.

Well, it’s about time for another!  I do hope you like these healthy sweet treats and by all means keep sending great ideas like this one!  Just love them!  ENJOY!!!



semisweet chocolate

paraffin wax

craft sticks

Remove skin from kiwis and cut into rounds (however thick you want them).  Place stick into the kiwi and freeze. In a double boiler, melt chocolate and paraffin wax.  Remove kiwis from freezer and dip in melted chocolate.  Place stick in a peice of styrofoam or anything that will hold them upright until chocolate sets.  At this point you can eat them all or place in a ziplock bag and refreeze if you like.  ENJOY!


18 thoughts on “Kiwi Pops

  1. Wow these look great! I’ve never seen kiwi with chocolate before – always strawberries, or grapes. Makes a nice change 😀 Definitely will be trying.

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